spirit of the galilee camplodge – Who we are

The spirit of the galilee camplodge is a family business that was established at the edges of
Kibbutz Matzuva facing the Ram Mountain Range.

The spirit of the galilee camplodge ambience is very special and it is characterized by numerous works of art
.that arouse inspiration, inspire action and ensure meticulous sustainability and recycling

…Everything began when Kobi had a dream and he was determined to realize it

.There are many Khans but none like the spirit of the galilee camplodge

The Services Provided at the spirit of the galilee camplodge

The spirit of the galilee camplodge hosts educational institutions from all over the country, companies and
.organizations for lodging and team building purposes, as well as families from the private sector

A Fully-Equipped and Indulging Kitchen
Our kitchen is equipped with everything you’ll need, in order to arrive with all the groceries
.and the goods and prepare a perfect meal

Shared Showers and Toilets

.The water closets (WC’s) and showers are meticulous, clean and comfortable

A Bonfire Site

.An inviting central bonfire site for grilling sweet potatoes and marshmallows

Sitting and Recreation Areas

.Sit and enjoy some good company, calmness and serenity

The Complexes of the spirit of the galilee camplodge

.The wayside inn comprises several lodging complexes within roofed air-conditioned structures
.Each one possesses a different and unique ambience
Every complex suits the size of the group it hosts and all the complexes are equipped with a
,kitchen intended for self-cooking and dinner preparation
.diverse appliances, a refrigerator, a coffee corner and more


Wooden Shacks

Three wooden shacks, each comprising up to 4 beds, a shower and toilets, a kitchenette
.with a small refrigerator and a coffee corner
.The complex has a separate courtyard with JNF tables and sitting corners
.Each shack measures 24 square meters
.The shacks comprise made up beds, towels and toiletries
.The price of a double shack with breakfast is 650 NIS
An extra charge of 160 NIS is required for every child in the guest room, including breakfast

The Central Khan

The spirit of the galilee camplodge is a large, multipurpose, impressive and unique structure, air-conditioned during the summers
.and heated during the winters, designated for hosting groups for lodging, workshops and events

,At the entrance area, you will find sitting corners, an equipped kitchen
refrigerators, electric stoves, microwaves, toaster ovens, toilets and showers as well as a .wood burning fireplace
,In addition, the camplodge includes a large sleeping complex on rugs and mattresses .in a shared space
.The Central camplodge comprises accessible (disabled) toilets and showers

A minimum reservation comprising 30 people (at a price of 5,400 NIS) is required .for lodging at the Central Khan

For groups including more than 30 people, an extra charge of 180 NIS for each person
.aged two years and above is required
The price per person from September will include breakfast


The VIP Terrace

.The terrace has received its binding name by Kobi, who uncovered its concealed potential
.The roofed complex comprises four extensive sleeping compounds with diversely-sized beds
The air-conditioned bedrooms, pleasant fabrics, soft drapes and mats on the floors award this complex a
.warm and pleasant ambience
,A compound comprising a kitchen intended for self-cooking, with a refrigerator
,a coffee corner, a cooking stove, a microwave, a toaster and accessories for self-cooking
.is connected to these four sleeping spaces


.The complex includes alternative sitting corners, a large dining table and a wood burning fireplace
,Outside the complex resides a spacious balcony filled with sitting corners
flowerpots and hanging mobiles, it faces the green north and the Galilee Mountains
.and includes toilets and showers
An outdoor grill intended for the group is located beside the terrace

.The price for the terrace is 4,000 NIS, for a group of up to 20 people

The Courtyard Complexes at the Khan

.Outdoor grills, a bonfire corner, JNF tables, showers and toilets

.The lodging at these complexes is intended for homogenous groups that arrive together

.The cost for a single complex designated for up to 20 people is 3,200 NIS, lodging + breakfast

.Two complexes are intended for 40 people

.Three complexes are intended for 60 people

.A group may grow up to 25 participants at the most
.(For educational groups, the lodging complexes are suitable for up to 80 participants)

.In this case, every extra person over the amount of 20 participants will pay 160 NIS for lodging and breakfast
.Payment is required for people aged two years and above


,The courtyard’s complexes comprise a large kitchen for dinner preparation
.an outdoor grills corner, a bonfire corner, a showers and toilets complex, JNF tables and sitting corners

At the spirit of the galilee camplodge

We invite you to hold an unforgettable event, in a different style, personally tailored to your character
.and needs, here at thespirit of the galilee camplodge

?What’s your event

,The Khan holds private events with a unique and authentic ambience such as Bar Mitzvah’s
….Bat Mitzvah’s, birthdays, business events and even weddings in a different style
.and everything according to the customer’s needs

What Do We Offer?

.Opulent and varied refreshments and foods
.Special, high-quality rich dishes
.A personal and professional service
.Vast and abundant experience in setting up uniquely-styled varied events
.Ample parking
.A large parking lot that can accommodate all your guests without causing congestion
.A wonderful and relaxing atmosphere
.A unique quiet place that awards an experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else

Team Building and Workshops Days
At the Galilean wind Khan

A unique experience for groups and organizations interested in undergoing a certain process
.and empowerment in workshops filled with creativity and inspiration
.Creativity workshops for groups and organizations
.An empowerment activity is a wonderful way to formulate team building and co-creation


Contact Us

:We are always here
Kobi, the Khan’s Manager – 052-5801659
Gali, Marketing – Office – 052-3967068
Office – 04-9858024
.Kibbutz Matzuva in the Western Galilee, on Road 70, between Kabri Junction and Shlomi Junction

The spirit of the galilee camplodge Matzuva
rglilit8@gmail.com favicon

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,Trains from Tel-Aviv (Train Stations: HaShalom, Savidor, and The University),
.directly to Nahariya
,from the Nahariya Station to Matzuva Bus Lines 31, 36 that arrive to Matzuva
the Station is located at a distance of about 200 meters from the Khan,
beside a traffic circle with signage
The Bus Lines from Tel-Aviv to Haifa (Haifa Bay Central Bus Station/HaMifratz Central Bus Station)
and from Haifa to Nahariya are active constantly between 5:35 AM and 23:45 PM
The Bus Company is Nateev Express and the Bus Line is 271
Likewise, it is also possible to arrive by taxi from Nahariya through
(Moniot HaGalil (The Galilee Taxis
phone number: 054-9925555